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2280 Little Sycamore Road, Tazewell, TN, 37879

Adopt a Hive

Are you unable to kept a hive of your own?

Then let us do it for you! A Master Beekeeper and state inspector will tend to the hive that you adopt. We will maintain it, work it, and send you information about the hive you adopted each month. You can even come visit your hive when you are in the area. We can tell you even more about the hive you adopt on your visit here at Sweet Life Farm.

Many people want to help the honey bees and may not feel they have the time, money, knowledge to do so, or just can not because they are allergic to the stings. That is O.K., just let us do it for you. Help us, help the honey bees.

And thank you!

Two hives ($200) receives 4 jars of honey and choose two queen's name.

One and a half hives ($150) receives 3 jars of honey and choose the queen's name.

One hive ($100) receives 2 jars of honey, and choose the queen's name.

One half of a hive ($50) receives 1 jar of honey

One time donation of your own amount. When paying enter the amount you wish to donate.

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