About Our Bee Yard

We have been a self sustainable homestead farm for over 28 years and we added honey bees to the mix about 20 years ago. At that time it changed our little farm into something so much more. Our garden, fruit trees, and pastures, started to produce more and more each year.

That is when we seen that we had such a sweet life within our farm. How could we not name our farm Sweet Life Farm. We have found our passion in living off our land and would love to share our experience with you.

We love to help people learn more about beekeeping and sustainable living. We can help you on your path to find what you can do to help the honey bees

We have many ways for someone to help the honey bees. Not just here in the bee yard, but around the state. Feel free to ask us how you can help the little creatures we love so much.

Jay Heselschwerdt is a Beekeeper and the Eastern Region honey bee inspector for the state of Tennessee. Jay is also one of the founders of the HONEY Convention. Jay has help start two bee clubs in East Tennessee, start up the first 4H beekeepers club in more then 25 years in Tennessee, the president of Bee Friends bee club in Tazewell, TN and always looking for more ways to educate people about honey bees. To have Jay speak at your association, club, conference, or convention please check his schedule.

You can come to the farm and learn about honey bees in the bee yard with Jay or Iris will tell you about the bee garden that she has planted in order to help out these little pollinators. Please contact us to book a time to visit our Sweet Life Farm.

We even have ways to help those that do not want to be a beekeeper. If you want to help honey bees, but do not or just can not kept honey bees. Then look at adopting a hive. Find out more on this site or contact us and we will tell you more about adopting a hive of your own.

Meet Our Team

We are here to help you.

Iris Heselschwerdt

Master Gardener

Jay Heselschwerdt


Perrin Heselschwerdt


Thoren Heselschwerdt



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2280 Little Sycamore Road, Tazewell, TN, 37879

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